Trio of Trees


It seems that when one of our photographs is considered successful by our own definition and standards, if afforded the opportunity, we often attempt to relive that success by revisiting the same location to hopefully produce another successful image. But it is nearly impossible to be at the same location and have a duplicate set of circumstances (atmospheric conditions, lighting, season, etc), as when the original image was created. And even if the location is nearby, one that’s easily accessible on any given day, and conditions are pretty much identical, replicating that image might not be as easy as first thought because, you will be a different person on the day of the second encounter with the same photographic subject.


Stages of Seeing

© jj raia

For those of us who are blessed with the sense of sight, we are able to look out into the world and see what surrounds us; it is truly a gift that we all too often take for granted. For the most part, sight is used simply as a mechanism to maneuver through our lives, getting from place to place, performing tasks, or simply indulge in the pleasure of reading. There are no limits since we can turn completely around 360º and perceive what lies in any direction. We notice and recognize the objects before us, not really giving much of our attention to them. But when we observe, we gather much more information from what we see, more of the details and differences, which then might internally register with us, such as how a particular person among many can be singled out as someone we actually know.