The Significance of Luck

Foggy Sunrise No.2 — Jordan Lake, NC © jj raia

To be a better photographer, stand in front of better stuff.”

Jim Richardson – National Geographic photographer

Only five days into the new year and I was wondering if the string of good luck from the previous few months would continue. For successful landscape photography, good fortune plays a significant roll, and cannot be overstated. I’m not referring to the “seeing” of smaller subjects that would make fine photos, but rather the conditions encountered at a particular location while looking for a wider, more grand view of things. This past October, on a trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, conditions were excellent to make good photographs of the ocean almost every day. Plenty of clouds provided subjects in the sky on which the colors of the morning could be painted, which in turn reflected those colors onto the sheen left by the surf, and the ocean itself. With a blank, blue sky, the same scene would have been uninspiring, seriously lacking any drama, and may have caused the camera to remain inside the bag.