2020 — A Tough Year

Rothko — Blazing Sunset – Isle of Palms, SC © jj raia

Outside times of world and civil wars, Twenty-Twenty has probably been one of the most difficult years experienced not only in America, but across the planet. The continuing assault on our health and health care systems has wreaked havoc on the world’s economies as well. So it seems a bit frivolous trying to reflect back on the year excluding the effects of COVID-19, and merely focusing in on photography.

Because of the virus and limits for safe travel, no major photographic trips were scheduled during the year, and the annual trip to New Jersey to visit family for the holidays was cancelled due to a major surge of infections beginning late October/early November. But a short, spur of the moment, two-night camping fall color trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway did make it into the year, along with a pre-virus reservation for an early fall week in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Each was met with a bit of anxiety; casual conversations with other folks were curtailed, and dining out was certainly out of the question.

Other than those excursions, all the other photography for the year centered around nearby Jordan Lake, Raleigh, and my kitchen for a few still life images. But the isolating circumstances caused many to focus inward, to learn new post processing skills or looking back through our files to reconsider images that languished in the netherworld of computer memory. Experimentation also found its way into some photos this year with some successes and some abject failures. Hopefully it was time well spent.

As we enter the next few months, with high expectations that vaccines will pave the way forward out of this dark year, a new government administration, and a deep hope for a return of some semblance of “normal life”, I wish everyone Peace, Health and Happiness for the coming year!!


If you are interested in receiving a limited edition print, simply pick the number that corresponds with the image of your choice (only 1), and enter the information in the form at the bottom of the post. The name of the person will be drawn from an actual hat on January 20th (Inauguration Day) and announced. I will contact the winner by email to get the necessary information for delivery. Thanks to all of you who have been supportive of this blog over the years, it is greatly appreciated. Good Luck !!


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Additional Photo Choices

Here’s Hoping 2021 is Better than 2020


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