Hope for 2021


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This post is a bit different in that I am partnering with HOPE NC, a non-profit organization founded by my wife and two additional parents, to raise awareness and funding regarding an unmet need for individuals with developmental disabilities. In an effort to support their mission, donors of $100 or more by December 31, 2020, will receive a signed photographic print of their choice from the gallery below.

Did you know that approximately 6.5 million people in the United States have an intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD), and many of these individuals live with family members? Nationwide, almost one million of these caregivers are over the age of 60. Where will people with IDD live when their family members are no longer able, or alive, to support them? People with disabilities are facing a housing crisis in this country.

HOPE, Housing Options for People with Exceptionalities, is a nonprofit organization started by families in the Triangle area of North Carolina who recognized the critical need to expand housing options in the Triangle for their adult sons and daughters. To that end, HOPE’s vision is to create and market to both the general public and adults with IDD, a diverse, inclusive community that is intended to provide adults with IDD who choose to live there with a sense of independence and community, as well as the opportunity to pursue rich, meaningful and purposeful lives.

Would you consider helping HOPE by making a donation?

Some of you may know my son Brian (35) who currently lives with us, his aging parents who are both over the age of 65. He has been on the waiting list for Medicaid supports for over 10 years, which would enable him to move out of his family home to prepare for life without our continuing support; however he joins 14,000 other individuals on North Carolina’s waiting list. Until he receives those supports, his options for moving out are very limited, and most of those options are in separate, segregated settings.

HOPE seeks to expand the housing options for adults with developmental disabilities in the Triangle area so they may experience a richer, more diverse and inclusive lifestyle in a community of their choice, which we all deserve. If you would like to help in the effort to make HOPE’s vision a reality, simply go to the link above, or any of the other links within this post, to easily make a donation.

For more information and to stay up to date on HOPE, visit the

Beginning today, by making a donation to HOPE NC of $100 or more, as a thank you, you’ll receive an original, signed photographic print of your choice (free shipping) from those within the gallery of photos below that have appeared in the blog sometime this year. Just use any of the Donate to Hope NC links to make your donation, and also fill out the form at the bottom of this post with the number of your choice of print, and information for its delivery. Your information will be held in strict security. This offer ends on December 31, 2020 and shipments will begin shortly thereafter. All photographs will be printed on 13X19 photographic paper @ approximately 10×15, 12×15, or 12×12, depending on the photo chosen.


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Here’s Hoping 2021 is Better than 2020


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