First Friday Showcase No. 4 — Chris Richman

Inspiration to Destination

Fibonacci’s Choices © Chris Richman

Scientist, Educator, Photographic Artist. How many different ways can a camera ‘see’ a scene? What is really in front of our eyes? What influence does color have on the way I see something? Can I communicate to the viewer through my photographs and composites? Can I express humor to my viewers?

I am a curious person and I love exploring both these scenes and the ideas that present themselves. In addition to capturing ‘what is’ with my camera, I use painting and compositing techniques to create images of ‘what is not’. I can infuse humor, emotion and new ideas into my images. This exploration of compositing new views from old ones helps me understand the old view in a new way. Although my photography is a personal exploration of my world, it is my hope that people who choose to view my photos will be inspired to pause and take a closer look at the interesting textures, light, colors and ideas in their own everyday worlds.

Chris Richman —

Inspiration to Destination

Chris Richman

All photographs © 2020 Chris Richman — All Rights Reserved

For questions, comments, or information on pricing, please contact her at:

or on her website

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