Garden Bouquet No.1 © jj raia

Cabin Fever is setting in. Although not officially in lock down, with the continuing Virus, I am reluctant to go out shooting much, or to travel even short distances to do any photography where there are other people around. So having an assignment to take a photo responding to one I received by email of a flower in sharp focus, I decided to go in the backyard and photograph some azaleas with Intentional Camera Movements to create something painterly in camera. The one above was simply using very small circular movements of the camera while the shutter was open. I did wait until the late afternoon for the area to be in shade to even out the lighting, and add a blue cast since it was a clear sky day. And sometimes a mistake can make a world of difference. Zeroing on the flowers themselves, I didn’t notice the blank area toward the top of the frame, and repositioned myself so that wouldn’t happen again. But when I saw the image on the computer, it appeared that it might be some hazy or foggy sky, and actually liked it better than the ones only showing the flowers. A little cropping was necessary since extra room around the main subject should always be allowed for the movements of the camera to keep the focus on the main subject.

Garden Bouquet No.2 © jj raia

This second photo was created a bit differently. Instead of a long exposure and small movements of the camera, this was done with 5-multiple exposures. However, two frames were shot of the same azalea bush, but the other three were taken of a bluish/purple flower that has been in our garden for years. Unfortunately, I do not know what kind of flower it is, but I do know it seems to shirk off any attempt to move it to another location. It always seems to grow back. It was originally planted too close to the foundation, was transplanted and took very nicely. However, where it was dug up, it grew back. So, I transplanted the new growth to another spot, and it grew back again! I did that four times, and it is still growing in the original spot. It will just not give up.

Even though the flowers were all over the original full frame, including along the edges, for some reason, these appeared like a three-dimensional photo, with certain areas actually behind other parts of the photo. It could be an extreme case of warmer and brighter (red/pink) colors advancing while cooler and darker (blue/purple) tones receding. Cropping was a bit more than the one at the top to a 1:1, and quite a few of the flowers still reside along the edges, but it is not as bad as without cropping where a few flowers draw the eye right out of the frame (see below).

Original Full Frame

There was no expectation that any of the attempts to create these photos would be successful, and there certainly was no excitement and anticipation to “see” the photos when I walked back into the house. But every now and then, we can be pleasantly surprised that things end up a bit better than we thought.

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