Wandering II

Entrance Abstract No. 1 — Raleigh, NC © jj raia

A while back, after what appeared to be a sunrise that would lack any energy, I opted to head to Raleigh instead of the lake to see what I could find of interest to photograph. Being a Sunday morning, it should be pretty void of people and thought it to be safe to wander the streets safely, avoiding any proximity to other folks who might be wandering about as well. The same conditions occurred on this day, and thought heading to North Carolina’s capital again might discover more things to photograph. Things did not begin encouraging as block after block was explored, and things looked bleak until I finally spotted an interesting color, so I headed in that direction


Haggard Window — Raleigh, NC © jj raia

It turned out to be a faded turquoise building with only one interesting feature: the entire back side facing a parking area. But there was a lot of clutter back there, next to and on the building itself, and many attempts were made to single out one feature, but there was always an intrusion of one thing or another. The image above was the only thing close to an isolated subject I could manage, and even then, the top right corner needed cropping to eliminate part of the roofline.

More wandering… a brick façade with some odd repairs and worn out graffiti did warrant attention, but the few images taken were uninspiring. More wandering began to lead back toward where the car was left, figuring there was a good chance the morning would be a total bust.

Walking along a nondescript street, there was an entrance for car parking between two building with some sort of decorative metal stretched above the entrance that had some nice curves in its design. So with the 70-300mm, I tried to extract some interesting forms, one of which is a simple two horizontal frame panorama (left, above), taken that way because a single vertical frame did not capture enough of the curve without including a lot of distracting elements just beyond the edge of the frame, and would have to crop out quite a bit, thereby losing much of the detail. The same process probably should have been used for the image on the right as well, but is merely a vertical slice from a single horizontal frame. The difference between the two is really only a few feet of tripod location, and angling the camera to provide a different perspective even though the same basic curve flows through both.

Entrance Detail No.2 — Raleigh, NC © jj raia

As these images were being taken, the thought was to take an individual frame and create something similar to those from a visit to New York City’s Oculus at Ground Zero (Click here to see that post), similar to that at the top of the post. That image was created by using the frame directly above, making a duplicate layer in Photoshop, doubling the width of the canvas, flipping the image horizontally, and joining the two using the move tool to line them up correctly, joining them into a single design. Of course, since these are creations, colors can be gently nudged in a preferred direction, or colors can be completely changed to something totally outside the reality of the original.

Entrance Abstract No.2 — Raleigh, NC © jj raia
Entrance Abstract No.3 — Raleigh, NC © jj raia

Entrance Abstract No.4 — Raleigh, NC © jj raia

There are probably many more image combinations and/or color changes that can be made, and it could fill up quite a bit of time in front of the computer, but with the gargantuan number of filters and tools with which to make changes according to whim, I wouldn’t want to be stuck sitting in a chair for weeks on end trying out every possibility. There does have to be some ending, and for now at least, as they say on the campaign trail, I’ve suspended my run for now…

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