Intimate Encounters — Graytones

Foggy Marsh — Cape May County, NJ © jj raia

Foggy Marsh — Cape May County, NJ © jj raia

For the most part, my photography has been all about color. But over the years, quite a few have been converted to Black and White for any number of reasons. One of the main reasons for conversion is the ability to almost “draw” in shadows or highlights, without the fear of muddying a color, allowing for more creative expression during the processing. Most of the conversions have occurred more recently after switching from film to digital in 2012, but many from the prehistoric film days, as is this one above, were also converted after the switch, utilizing the new found digital ability to recreate what I felt that seemed to be lacking in what was recorded on film. For the image above, the glow of the soft sunlight making its way through the dense fog could now be recreated, whereas the color film image severely lacked the back lighting of the grasses and many of the shadows.

In addition, even though most of my work involves the landscape and the Intimate Encounters with it, there have been times when other subjects have elicited a similar response within me, and those conversions are included in this installment as well.

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Intimate Encounters — Graytones.

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