First Friday Showcase

At the Shore © jj raia

Water’s Edge © jj raia

The Triangle in North Carolina has a rich history in the arts with each of its four member cities having art exhibit openings on a different Friday each month. Every Friday evening can be spent gallery hopping in a nearby town, to view the latest work of artists, something that I found inspiring and fascinating when I first moved here ten years ago. But all that wonderful community engagement and support for the arts came to a screeching halt with the arrival of the Covid-19 virus, as venues closed up and exhibits were cancelled.

So in a very small way, this blog will expand in the near future attempting to fill some of the void left by these missing Friday night openings, to feature the work and thoughts of photographic artists from the Triangle Area on the First Friday each month. Highlighting a singular aspect or series, it will not in any way try to illustrate the wide range of their work, but rather just a small sampling of a cohesive collection to Showcase their creativity and imagination in an on-line “exhibition”. Hopefully, through their own words and images, we can dive into their photographic mind and discover what gets their creative juices flowing, to help us better understand the artistic process generally (and theirs more specifically), expand the base of our knowledge, and broaden our own vision. So…

Stay Tuned for the

—  Inaugural  —

First Friday Showcase

September 4th @ 7pm


Fran DeRespinis

Fran Portrait



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