Intimate Encounters — Structures

Hallgrímskirkja — Reykjavik, Iceland  © jj raia

Hallgrímskirkja — Reykjavik, Iceland © jj raia

For the most part, the previous Intimate Encounters videos have involved a connection between myself and some element of the natural world. Depending upon the experience, it can involve a wide ranging view, a more intimate view, or an extraction from any view, whether close at hand or at a distance. Each of these encounters usually involves the inherent, almost subconscious knowledge, that the subject has made a direct connection much deeper than a superficial “seeing”. The encounter creates a startling sensation that cannot be ignored, is usually etched into memory, and hopefully a camera is handy to record it.

But these occasions are not restricted solely to nature. I have been in the presence of other things that have connected and created the same soulful sensation and resonated deeply. While the hand of man is usually missing from most of the work, sometimes it is the hand of man that creates the same connection. An awe inspiring interior space can connect just as easily as the weathering of an old building, for each has a story to tell if we take the time to listen.

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Intimate Encounters — Structures

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