Intimate Encounters — Vignettes

Granite Detail — Sequoia NP, CA © jj raia

Granite Detail — Sequoia National Park, CA © jj raia

Quite a bit of time was spent deciding on a title for this video, when for me, titles are generally, but not always, superfluous, especially for individual images. The viewer should be allowed the freedom to formulate the words of a title if he or she has been sufficiently moved to do so. The original thought for a title was Vignettes, because for the most part, each image in this latest video seems to fit one of the definitions as “…any small, pleasing picture or view” or “…a small illustration or…photograph which fades into its background…” All the images seem to fall into a category of a small, simple, cohesive and pleasing arrangement of elements that could have been easily overlooked, lost amidst the surrounding chaos.

But then the word Harmony seemed to ease into the discussion. Although harmony is “…most often associated with music, as any simultaneous combination of notes being played or sung, especially when blended into chords, that is pleasing to the ear,” it certainly may be appropriate in describing the reasons for creating some of the images in the first place, but substituting the word eye for ear in the definition. Briefly stated, it is simply when things seem right or suitable together, they are in harmony.

Yet the dialogue continued, for each of these subjects stirred something within me beyond the eye or ear. Almost overwhelming, these scenes set in motion an undeniable urgency to photograph them as an expression of what was seen, heard and most importantly, what was deeply felt. And so the word Soulful was considered as well.

Almost three years have passed since the photo above was taken, yet it languished on a hard drive among the many images from a three-week trip through California in 2017, suffering the humiliation of being “overlooked” once again, just as it may have been countless times out in the field. After all, it was there to be seen right alongside a road inside the park. I suppose at first sight it struck a chord within me as it has most recently when it was properly processed after its rediscovery. It seems to speak in a poetic cadence, yet remains motionless on the screen as I stare at it, all the while listening to its voice as I did back then. Simplicity and strength intertwined, drawing a delicate life from the crack in cold stone.

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