Throwback Thursday No. 24


Images from the Film Archives — 1998

Tree Tops & Sky at Dawn - Troy Meadows, NJ  © jj raia

Tree Tops & Sky at Dawn – Troy Meadows, NJ © jj raia

Even though the photograph of the purple loosestrife from the previous year (1997) was no longer available because the background was bulldozed, I couldn’t resist the pull of the loosestrife, and returned to Troy Meadows again the following August in hopes of finding other areas of that wonderful meadow of previous years to photograph. As I drove around searching without success, it was getting near sunrise when I noticed some wispy clouds were beginning to absorb some color. Knowing that it wouldn’t last long, I just pulled over to the side of the road, set up the camera, and threw on the 210mm (130mm on a full frame). As I was quickly setting up on the tripod, I struggled with the decision whether to include the trees in the first shot or not, since it was likely there would only be time for one bracketed sequence before the color began to fade. Colorwise, by including them, they would be rendered black and provide a deep contrast to the brilliant pastels of pink, blue/gray and mauve. The clouds alone would be a completely abstract design; including the treetops would give the image context, while still maintaining the abstract of the sky, and add a different type of contrast in the soft clouds versus the hard edged trees. So many decisions!!

I ended up taking the first sequence with the treetops because they could always be cropped out later; and I was right in that there was no time to take another set without them.

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