Intimate Encounters — Blurs

Azalea Blur — Buck Gardens, NJ © jj raia

Azalea Blur — Buck Gardens, NJ © jj raia

It was in May of 2009 that I created my first intentionally blurred image in camera; of course there were plenty of others that were unintentional. I used a simple point and shoot digital camera (my first), and it proved difficult to create what I was after because there were very few options to alter the shutter speed the camera “decided” was correct. To get enough blur, I had to move the camera very quickly while I tripped the shutter. It took many, many tries before I finally got the image I was after, and it was actually in the frame. Afterward, the fun was being able to wildly vary the colors in a prehistoric version of Photoshop. The image above was one of many created from that single, original frame of azaleas from 2009, but with some obvious variations in the color.

Ten years would pass before I would hear that this technique had an official name rather than the simple monicker “Blurs” as I had described them. I learned it was called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). Bit I never made another blurred photo for over five years until I had my first DSLR and spent four weeks out west, with quite a bit of that time in Colorado during the autumn spectacular! I became almost obsessed taking blurred photos of the white trunks of aspen groves and their golden foliage. From that time forward, including just a few weeks ago, the blurred image (ICM) has become a technique I use more frequently.

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