Intimate Encounters — Coast

25 - Amazing Sky — Corolla Beach, NC - No.2 © jj raia

Amazing Sky — Corolla Beach, NC – No.2 © jj raia

Some of my earliest memories are of the beach in Maine as a three year old. Being a child of a Navy man, the family was always on the move, so at five, it was the beach nearly every day across the continent in southern California. By eight, it was the beaches near Naples, Italy and from ten onward, it was many beaches along the New Jersey shore. When old enough to drive, friends and I made it a point to spend as much time there as possible, figuring impromptu ways to stay overnight on weekends. In college and for almost ten years, we would rent a house for a week or a whole summer to enjoy the carefree life of baking on the beach and beer.

The coast has been a constant throughout my entire life, and trips to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the South Carolina and Florida coasts, have kept me photographing the ocean. Traveling up the California coast for two weeks in 2017 was as much to experience the state’s northern “Lost Coast” as it was to see and photograph new places on the eastern side of the Sierras during the third week of the trip. I found that waders have helped quite a bit to be immersed in these photographs, to be in the waves as a participant rather than an observer out of the water; a true connection with the surf. Even though I no longer live near the coast, it will always be a part of who I am.

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