Intimate Encounters – Water

Foggy Flight — Jordan Lake, NC  © jj raia

Foggy Flight — Jordan Lake, NC © jj raia

I had intended to have this video out by the first of the month, and then followed with another video the first of each subsequent month through most of the year. But as I had hoped, I received and sought some feedback from the initial video, and wanted to incorporate those suggestions into this second attempt, and thus a delay. Click here to see the first Intimate Encounters – Trees. Hopefully, things will continue to evolve and improve.

Discovering what is possible, and various techniques to use within iMovie, listening to a lot of appropriate, free, royalty free music (as opposed to purchasing royalty free music), to create an intended mood to go along with the specific chosen images, and make a cohesive video that goes beyond a simple series of photos, will be a very long learning curve. But the main purpose is simply to improve those “slideshows” that accompany the talks I’ve given over the past few years.

The one thing that has encouraged me in trying to improve each of those slideshows, and consequently these videos, is the discovery a few years ago, that they can actually evoke an emotional response within those who view them. I came to that realization after giving one of my earliest talks, about my month long photographic trip in 2014. When the slideshow had concluded, I noticed a woman in the audience seemed to have tears in her eyes, and after all the questions were answered, I went over to inquire. It seemed that the images in conjunction with the music, brought back certain memories of hers, and enough emotion resurfaced to well up in her eyes. That revelation almost brought me to tears as well. To know that the sequence of sight and sound had such an impact; that what was shown and heard touched her just as deeply as the sights and sounds had reached my soul in the days I made those photographs. It is truly gratifying to realize it is possible to convey our own, deeply personal feelings to others, through our photography! And I hope that at least a few who view these videos, can be touched in the same way.

Please click here to view Water, the second in the Intimate Encounters series on You Tube.

To see the first in the series Intimate Encounters — Trees, click here.




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