Throwback Thursday No. 9


Images from the Film Archives 2010

Winter Oak at Hortons Creek — Wake County, NC © jj raia

Winter Oak at Hortons Creek — Wake County, NC © jj raia

After moving to North Carolina in the late summer of 2010, a storm came through the following winter with some very wet snow, coating every trunk and branch of the woods in the neighborhood I now called home. One of the bonuses of the town was the web of greenways throughout the county, so I followed one of them looking for something that would serve as a focal point in the otherwise solid white of the woods. Since oak trees generally hold on to many of their leaves through winter until they are replaced in spring, the hope was to find one that could be isolated, but they seemed to be too plentiful for isolation, or the tangle of branches just wasn’t balanced within the frame.

So I kept walking until this singular oak, whose leaves themselves were coated with snow, seemed to fit the bill. The exposure for snow is generally about 2-stops greater than what the meter may show, because it is trying to make everything mid-toned gray. But without the instant feedback of digital cameras, several differing exposures were taken to be sure that at least one would be correct.

The telephoto (210mm) lens was used to narrow the angle of view and eliminate any gray sky or foreground, and several compositions were tried, but this was the only one that seemed to really communicate the conditions of the first snowfall experienced in North Carolina.

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