Throwback Thursday No. 7


Images from the Film Archives — 1998

Hoh Rainforest — Olympic National Park, WA  © jj raia

Hoh Rainforest — Olympic National Park, WA © jj raia

I hadn’t been to the Pacific Northwest since 1978 during one of the three cross-country drives I made in my 20’s, so in 1998 when my wife was attending a conference in Seattle, I joined her after the conference for a few days vacation together before she returned home. I stayed for a few more days on my own to explore Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks. Mount Rainier turned out to be a bust again as it was in 1978 because I still had not set eyes on the mountain itself because of continual cloud cover. And Olympic wasn’t much better; mostly rain there. But I did come away with a few shots there in between the rain drops during a walk in the Hoh Rainforest. It was very dark under the cloudy skies and the dense forest itself, and in most places, the camera meter wasn’t even able to give me an exposure reading. But I did find a slight opening in the canopy where enough light registered with the meter to give me an exposure, and I recorded what is above.

What drew me to this were the two trees covered in thick moss and the line through the tangle of thin branches that sweeps in a semi-circle at the bottom that seemed to frame the trees. It was cold enough for some of the rain to be snow that lingered on the forest floor, and the orange/brown large leaves stuck in the branches offered a respite from the all green palette. It was the only composition that seemed to work in the chaos of the forest that day.

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