Throwback Thursday No. 3


Images from the Film Archives — 1992

Tillman Ravine — Stokes State Forest, NJ © jj raia

Tillman Ravine — Stokes State Forest, NJ © jj raia

As mentioned in a previous Throwback Thursday, I usually went out to photograph early in the morning, before some of the state parks and properties even opened, and some “arrangement” was needed to secure entry. After a sunrise shoot, I would generally scout around a bit in the car, just seeing what else might be around to shoot on a future outing before heading to a nearby diner for breakfast. With New Jersey’s abundance of diners, unlike the sparcity of them in the Raleigh area where I live now, there was never a problem finding one, and I became familiar with their locations as much as I was for photo locations throughout the state; and judgements on how good they were was based solely on their home fries!

Anyway, I visited this spot after one of those early shoots, and wanted to photograph it before any sunlight crept in to ravine, and of course, the entry was gated. But I knew the road through there also provided a back way to gain entry. So the plan was to use that back access for a morning shoot. What I had missed though, was another, almost hidden gate that blocked that road and my plan. Not to be denied, I had to park the car and quickly hoofed it the half mile or so, uphill (both ways) to the picturesque cascade. I did get there before any light filtered through, and replayed the scenario in winter to capture it with the virgin fluff of an overnight, 4-inch snowfall.

The driving force behind getting a large portfolio of images throughout the state, in all seasons, was to be able to supply them to statewide magazines, or anywhere for that matter, for publication within the two-year time limit set for this photographic pursuit. In addition, the stretch goal, was to have one selected for a calendar, thinking New Jersey was underrepresented in them, being saddled with the perception that the Garden State was no garden at all, but a cluster cities, highways and refineries. So in those early years, there were certainly no assurances that anything would come to pass…

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