Throwback Thursday No. 2


Images from the Film Archives — 1992

White Birches — Delaware Watergap NRA, NJ  © jj raia

White Birches — Delaware Water Gap NRA, NJ © jj raia

In response to what I read, and encouragement from my wife, it was suggested that I shoot mostly locally and get to know the areas well. By knowing how the light was during certain times of the year, learning what conditions might exist for particular weather patterns and locations, or when there may be flowers blooming, you might be better prepared to know what and where to shoot at any given time of the year. Additionally, by learning possible outlets that needed photos, if any of the work was to get published, there was a better chance of that by making local contacts.

So in the beginning, most of the photography during the year was centered around New Jersey, where I lived at the time. It’s one of the smaller states, and since I lived in the central part, most of it was accessible within a two hour drive. I always tried to get out at least one or two days a month on my days off from work, depending on the weather, season or family schedules, and did so for sunrise since getting up really early avoided rush hour traffic, which can be horrendous in the NY/NJ metropolitan area.

It was on one of those excursions to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, in the state’s northwest corner, that I discovered this thick stand of young birches interspersed with euonymus bushes whose leaves turn pink in autumn. I had to put the lens right against the trunk of another birch tree to get the proper angle for good separation of the closer trees, and clicked off a few shots just as it began to rain. It was such a beautiful scene, and I vowed to return to photograph it in every season. I did return in winter, but when I arrived in the spring, much of the stand in the distance, was bulldozed for a home to be built. I suppose it was outside the boundaries of the recreation area, but it destroyed the view altogether. The discovery was sad to be sure, but I was also encouraged that the image from the previous autumn would be unique.




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