New Discoveries

Small Berg at Diamond Beach  © jj raia

Small Berg at Diamond Beach © jj raia

As is usually the case, after going through all the images from a major photo trip several times, I try to eliminate many of the less than stellar images, and come across a few that may have slipped through the editing cracks. Where originally, I saw no hope for redemption, with a bit more time on my hands, I was willing to dive into the attempt to make some of those “rejects” respectable. With the image above, it was the simplicity that drew me in, and after eliminating a singular distraction, felt it had found its way into the keeper column. Even though there wasn’t the drama of sweeping strokes of surf, the gentle waves added a sense of calm, enhanced by the smooth clouds and cool blue tones in the water.

All the turquoise bergs in Jokulsarlon were something to behold, but not all of them had this intense color as the one below. Some were simply white, as those toward the top of the image, and others were actually almost completely black, covered in soot or dirt. But there were plenty of the bergs that held this luminous turquoise, seemingly illuminated from within, even though the sky was overcast. For the most part of this particular morning, the breezes were calm and resulted in some nice reflections, where on other occasions, the strong breezes left a chop on the water’s surface, eliminating any smooth  reflections. There were plenty of ducks floating by from time to time, and if you could find a decent composition that worked without the bird, then with some patience, the addition of the duck put a better focal point into the frame. The bird also provides a bit of context for an otherwise almost abstract image.

Ice Berg and Duck at Jokulsarlon  © jj raia

Ice Berg and Duck at Jokulsarlon © jj raia

Below is an image from the California trip of 2017. There was some minor editing done to the original at the time, but it wasn’t until I saw a recent You Tube video by Lightroom and Photoshop Guru Matt Koslowski explaining how to stretch clouds in the sky for better balance that I realized the possibilities of the image. So by stretching the clouds slightly towards the right, it eliminated the blank area for better balance. You can see the video by clicking Here.

We always strive for our work to be the best it can be, and sometimes a little artistic license can make a big difference. When it comes to landscape photography, it is where we draw the line over which the unbelievable is the result, that should be avoided at all cost.

Sunrise — El Matador Beach, CA   © jj raia

Sunrise — El Matador Beach, CA © jj raia

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